Tuesday, October 13, 2015


They said
We’re gonna meet
One day, at a juncture
Of a random road
On certain second, minute and hour
It could be tomorrow or day after

They said
You just have to have faith
As faithful as the moon
Waiting for the sun
Sharing part of its vividness
To shine the darkest hour of night

They said
Keep walking
Keep waiting
Keep wondering
Coz’ she’ll be ascending
Sonner or later
That’s what they said

They said
‘As patient as an ox’
And I found myself stumble
By the corner of my chamber
Telling myself to be patient
But my dil keeps denying
Guiding me vice versa

They said
Go look for her
At any mountain, sea or lake
Maybe she’s too shy
As shy as the fawn
Maybe she’s waiting
For you to knock her door

And I said
I’ll keep walking 
I’ll keep waiting
I’ll keep wondering
Till I find you
Coz’ I have faith
Someday we’ll meet
And from that day forth,
You’ll be with me

In the heat of gloomy sun
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
"Yiruma - Till I Find You"

Friday, October 02, 2015

My Sweet Ammi

Its new day again
And every new day
Reminds me of the unshakable fact
The time-space of us
As if it’s a long thread
And there we are
Holding each end of it
We keep eyeing it
Being cut bit by bit
Leave us with shorter thread
Our limited time is been taken away
Second by second
Soon I’m gonna miss
The bright smile on your
Sweet loving motherly face
Soon I’m gonna miss
The warmest touch
Of your soft hand
Soon I’m gonna miss
The sweet smell
Of your black brownish hair
The brownish of henna
Sparking the brightness
Of your beautiful façade
Hearing your sugary laugh
Pleasing my eardrum
As if a sweet melody
Is playing over my hearty heart
In the darkest of night
Your figure is running over
Through my gloomy mind
It sparks the blazing fire
Of longing and love
Burning my calmness
As our thread is getting shorter
And our limited time
Soon gonna comes to an end
I’m afraid
Have I really cherish
The innumerable love of yours
My sweet Ammi

In the midst of Haze
Ba'da Zuhr
Kuala Lumpur
Over the melody of piano:
"Yiruma - Passing By"