Thursday, January 09, 2014

name of many names

The fact that I could utter ABC
The fact that I am counting 123
The fact that I am walking seamlessly
The fact that I am running freely
The fact that I am smiling never ending
The fact that I am laughing without worry
The fact that I am breathing healthily
The fact that I am who I am
And for every fact that creating my being
It’s all goes back to you
The fact that you raise me up
The fact that you teach and guide me right
And for each and every fact that happen
I praise Allah for sending you to me
Protecting me in the name of many names
Abah, Ayah, Daddy, or Father
You are still the same to me
You are Abah..
You are God-Chosen to be my father
And I could never say much
To show my gratitude
For every fact that you create
Crafting me as who I am today

Abdul Hakim Bin Abdul Halim
8th January 2014