Monday, March 13, 2017

Shyness (خجولة)

There’s one Rose
Distinct from the others
Blossoming exquisitely
In a spacious garden
And its redolence is hovering
Yielding harmony to passerby
Pleasing the singing birdies
And the buzzing bees

None can touch the Rose
For the thorns ’re guarding
And the garden is shielding
While the bees are roving
Fortifying its purity
Against those wild-trespasser
Whose hearts are impure

Neither the thorns
Nor the bees
Can stand the impurities
For the Rose grows
In its bashfulness
Burgeoning in its reticence
Isolated by its shyness
Castling itself
from the smuttiness
There’s this Rose
Whose fragrance
Resembling no others

Bukit Bintang | 9.16PM | 13 March 2017 

The Piano keeps playing the Melody - Yiruma - The Moment

P.S.: Your shyness is your Crown. And that's how these all began..

Grow cactus, live your life.
As God is always with you.

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