Monday, April 10, 2017

Meeting with a lady

People always said, appreciate what you have for one day, it will perish.

You know, what we have now in our possession are blessings given by Allah. If we were to take those blessings for granted and we fail to cherish them, we are basically degrading ourselves in the eyes of Allah.

Alhamdulillah, today Allah destined for me to meet two individuals. Perhaps in the eyes of people they are just a normal person living among many other extraordinary / well to-do people. When I get back home, I was wondering, why Allah directed me to meet those two individuals? And that leads me to write this entry.

Rubbish Collector

I was throwing rubbish at the dump area when I saw a middle aged lady collecting recycle stuff from the dustbin. She was sweating and looks tired. I handed her two glass bottles for recycling. That’s when we started conversing and from there I get to know more about her. From the recycle stuff, she can only make around RM10-RM30 per day. And from that money she needs to maintain herself, her only daughter age fifteen, to pay rent and etc. She was talking while tears dropping from her eyes. On top of that, she’s a divorcee for almost fifteen years and has no one except her little girl (oh btw she is Indonesian, so she doesn’t has any family in Malaysia). During weekend, she will bring her daughter to help her collecting recycle junks.

I felt so sad. So sad thinking that I am living in a comfortable life yet still whining over petty matters. That short meeting reminds me of being grateful over what I have now. At least I am working in a comfortable office, have money for my dinner tonight, and have family to support me in times of hardship.

67 year old Diabetic Patient

While walking back to home after Isyak, I passed by one uncle who was trembling and nearly falling down. I know him. Always saw him in the mosque praying on a chair. He asked me to hold him as he was having hypoglycemia (usually happens when your blood sugar (glucose) levels fall below the normal range). Luckily he has chocolate ready in his bag. From there we started talking and I get to know that he had an operation to remove part of his feet because of the diabetes. Though he is having difficulty in walking, that does not stopping him from praying at the mosque. ‘My son ask me to pray at home but I don’t know what to say to Allah if I don’t pray at the Mosque’ – This is what he told me.

Again, this uncle reminds me of being grateful. Be grateful over the blessings of health and young age. I was comparing myself with him. He is 67, diabetic patient (both of his feet are bandaged - I would say its look pretty bad), having difficulty in waking, yet he tries his best to keep his prayer at the mosque. What about me – who’s still youngand healthy? What about the rest of us?

That lady, she is no one. People don’t really know her. She works in dirty places. But I am sure, in the eyes of Allah, she is someone. She is known to the inhabitants of heaven – the angles. Same goes with that uncle, he is an old man with amputated toes, not living in luxurious life, yet in the eyes of Allah, he is VIP. Allah is watching and recording all the steps that he took towards the Mosque. And I am sure that, because of that, He raises this old man rank with other righteous servants, Insha-Allah.

the lady


Hanis Amanina said...

"So sad thinking that I am living in a comfortable life yet still whining over petty matters."

Your words hit the heart. T_T

Same goes to every time I see left over food, I always don't feel good to throw it away to the bin. I learned that it is extremely important to cook / buy food with the amount that we want / able to eat.

Thanks for this post, like usual your posts are amazing :)

hakim.halim said...

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for your remarks. Hopefully it will benefit us.