Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Moment

The ocean breeze
That hovering through us
And the seabirds
As they spreading their wings over us
Creating melody and harmony
Clasping our minds with serenity
And the snowy clouds above us
Giving us a shelter from the sun-ray
Seems like the whole world
Perceiving our presence.

It was a perfect moment
When the drizzles dropping
Afar from the heaven
And we were hoping
That time will standstill
Freezing from crafting
Another second
Or a minute.

The moment and place
Seems like
Cherishing our company
Quietness encircling our souls
As we walk through the garden
Welcome by the orchids and roses
With their fragrances and beauty
Whose aromas can’t dwindle away

Last notes..
Dear souls,
Sorrow and sadness
Don’t let them begrime us
Time and space
Let it fill us
For our memories
To be remembered
In the days to come.


and let the piano keeps playing our melody.. Yiruma - The Moment

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