Friday, February 18, 2011

Pious Husband.. Lets read a poem! =)

Peace be upon you. Peace also upon our Greatest Prophet, Muhammad- Khatimul Anbia'

I want to share a poem (i think so) given by one of my friend. And this poem is specially dedicated to those who will be a husband, Insyaallah.


Marriage to him is one half of the deen,
To please Allah (swt) is more than a dream.

He wears his beard for his Lord, to please and obey,
He turns to Allah (swt) for Salah at least five times a day.

He prays in the night and makes sure to wake you,
And strives during daylight to provide and protect you.

He lowers his gaze with firmness because he does not desire,
To displease Allah (swt) and face His just ire,

He asks advice from the ummah, and his wife too,
Before making decisions that he might later rue.

To his wife he is humble and always most kind,
Sharing his burdens with strength and clear mind.

He opens his mouth only to say what is best,
Weighing all options ‘fore denying a request.

He takes care of himself and family too
Knowing that Allah (swt) will see them through.

He is a pleasure from Allah (swt) above
Be thankful to Allah (swt) and His blessings through love.

Hope it will benefit to everyone!! And thnx to my friend for this meaningful poem =)


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